I’m not impulsive, shut up

I’m not impulsive, shut up

Recently, I completed a personality assessment thing for fun. This wasn’t the bottom-of-the-barrel Myers-Briggs or anything like that. This was a proper test – thousands of questions, most too wriggly to game. Try to lie and the sheer volume of questions would bury you.

That makes it better than most. Which is not to say it was good, especially since I’m not sure I agree with the verdict.

Apparently, I’m highly impulsive and scored low on deliberation. Bah, I say. An accurate test would show I’m high on impulsiveness and high on deliberation.

“But aren’t those opposites?”

Of course they are. So what? Humans are walking paradoxes. We carry a storm of needs, wants, values and perspectives.

I make decisions impulsively, then I think through the consequences and how to make it work.

Other people might be intensely happy and intensely miserable – which isn’t a contradiction. Nor is it the same as being calm.

Someone else might be greedy, always looking to accumulate more wealth… and generous with their friends and family.

If you carry a storm of paradoxes, then you have two choices:

You can calm the weather and resolve them,

Or you can ride the waves to new heights.

Both work. I choose to make decisions easily and intelligently. It’s not hard to do when you clear the obstacles in your thinking. But that might not be the right approach for you. You might be a planner who needs to weigh the angles before deciding.

No judgement either way. Whatever works for you is awesome.

If you find the paradoxes too intense, (or not intense enough,) then consider working with your thoughts on a new level. Sometimes you need to reach into the part of your mind you can’t see and trust your unconscious to work it out.

What kind of vague advice is that, though?

Read this and it will all become clear:


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