“Infinite value” coaching?

Last year, my hypnosis and coaching sessions were based on time.

For example, when you signed up for a Freedom From Smoking program, you would get two to three sessions with me.


They’re based on results.

Sign up and it’s as many sessions as you need.

If you get what you want in one session, great.

If it takes five sessions, that’s great too.

It takes all the time pressure out of it. Whatever you need to get the results you pay for, you get – guaranteed or your money back.

There’s more:

When you sign up for a session, you’re invited to a weekly-ish group call. I say ‘ish’ because sometimes I won’t be available, which I’ll let you know about in advance. I’ll be there most weeks though.

During these group calls, I’ll address any concerns or struggles you’ve had – and you’re comfortable raising in that context.

They’ll also be a hypnotic top-up – revitalising, broadening and strengthening the changes .

You’ll be welcome to attend these calls for as long as I offer them – no obligation, no pressure.

That means you could sign up for one session… and potentially get infinite value for it, assuming we both become immortal. So I guess it’s more of a figurative infinite than a literal one but, hey, that’s still a sweet deal.

It’s funny how much more you get out of it all when I stopped thinking in terms of time and started thinking in terms of what would be, without a doubt, the best value I can offer you.

Unbounded and ongoing contact with me is as much as I can offer.


Then sign up for a session:


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