Your inner friendly poltergeist

With Halloween nipping at our ankles, let’s talk about your poltergeist.

Everyone carries a chorus of monsters in their mind.

Among them, a trickster ghost.

For some folk, this poltergeist is noisy. It throws furniture, smashes glasswear and makes scary sounds.

For others, it’s more subtle.

Moving a cord just enough to make you trip.

Rearranging your desk just enough to make you doubt your sanity.

The poltergeist can really mess with you.

But what if it were, to coin a phrase, a friendly ghost?

What if it was always there, always making changes… all to help you?

That becomes a different class of monster.

This is kind of the way I see hypnosis. Like a good haunting, it’s always around you and not everyone believes it. Unlike ghosts, science backs this one 100%.

Hypnosis follows your every move. There’s no escaping it.

Yes, even if you’re “strong-willed” or whatever.

(Especially if you’re strong-willed…)

Because there are 11 signs you’re in a hypnotic trance. You have your eyes closed – these can happen while you’re wide awake. And I definitely don’t mean you think you’re a chicken.

These are more subtle.

They’re impossible to fake.

And, once you know what to look for, impossible to ignore.

On a given day, you probably experience half of these. Maybe more, maybe less – I’ve never cared enough to accurately measure it. But I promise you this: you experience at least one of them every day.

Which means you’re going in and out of hypnotic trances all day.

For some of you, that’s a cool thought.

For others, it freaks you out.

Either way, you’d better learn what these 11 signs are, right? Even better: why not learn how to use these symptoms to your advantage?

Because each of these are very powerful.

I’ve used them to improve my focus, memorise boring facts and even eliminate pain.

And that’s just scratching the surface of what this can do.

I cover all this in Everyday Hypnosis, which is module 7 (of 19) in my Monster Mind Edukaré program. And if this has tickled your fancy, I recommend acting now. I mean, you could wait, I suppose… but then you’ll miss out on the tasty, tasty discount.

After all, it’s Halloween. Why wouldn’t I take $100 off something called Monster Mind Edukaré?

That would be madness on my part…

All right, enough waffle.

Here’s your haunted link:

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