Intelligence was never enough for me

Intelligence was never enough for me

Childhood story time:

When I was a wee lad – sometime in primary school, but that’s all I can recall – we had a simple enough class exercise. This experience, though, stuck with me. Even decades later, I can remember how much it frustrated me.

Everyone had a piece of paper with their name on it on their desk. We all had to go around the room and write one thing (something positive, obviously) about that person.

We even had to write on our own.

You know, standard self-esteem building stuff.

I remember coming back to my desk partway through the exercise. I read what people had written so far.

People said I was smart.



And as I read this, my blood boiled. Or maybe it froze? It did something, I don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong – I’d rather be called smart than the alternative. Even so, this got under my skin.

No one wrote kind.

Or generous.

Or funny.

I couldn’t articulate it at the time, but that bugged me a lot. That’s how other people saw me – one dimensional, boring, yet another smart person. Even after they saw everyone else writing the same thing, that’s the only thing they could think of.

So I wrote handsome on my own sheet, just to break the pattern.

Why not, right?

I’m a lot less petty and insecure these days. And I can handle compliments way better than I used to. But that kid is still inside me. I don’t want to be smart – I want to be successful.



I want to do amazing things, not just think amazing thoughts.

Because, sure, amazing thoughts are essential for living a greater life.

But they’re not sufficient. You need action, too.

That’s why Awakened Thought works on your conscious and unconscious mind. It’s also why there’s time for listening and time for getting your hands dirty.

Maybe you’re like me and intelligence isn’t enough.

A textbook bores you while a user manual excites you.

This has a bit of everything, really.

But if you haven’t seen this yet, see it now, because today is your last chance. Tomorrow, a bunch of new stuff will come, which means old stuff needs to go to make way.

So get cracking:

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