Intensive and expensive

If that title bothers you, good. You can save yourself a minute and stop reading now.

Monster Mind Edukaré has a hefty price tag. This isn’t some cheap eLearning course teaching you hypnosis for pocket change.

You can learn the techniques of self-hypnosis from a single sheet of paper. Really, the techniques are simple. But you can learn the techniques and still struggle.

After all, you can learn all the surgical techniques you want but it doesn’t make you a surgeon. You’d also need a steady hand, steadier nerves, deep knowledge of the body and, above all, experience.

I have no interest in handing you a list of self-hypnosis techniques and shouting bon voyage.

You will experience your mind.

(Is that a weird thing to say? Don’t you always experience your mind? No – not consciously. Well over 99% of your mind is outside conscious awareness. Your thoughts exist but you don’t experience them…)

And by experiencing your mind, though self-hypnosis and other disciplines, you will gain greater control.

It’s not a casual experience.

While it doesn’t take much time – maybe half an hour a week, or more, or less – it takes discipline to stick with it, to do the exercises until you master them and not race ahead.

These are mental exercises unlike any you’ve experienced. And, at first, some of them might feel uncomfortable, like moving an atrophied muscle.

Oh, and I don’t offer any money-back guarantees. My guarantee is that, with so much content, (and such a variety of it too,) you’ll get your money’s worth. But I won’t indulge anyone who ‘changes their mind’ once they realise how intensive this is.

This program isn’t for everyone.

It’s probably not for most people.

But if you’ve read this far, it’s probably for you.

Here’s how to get it:

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