The Irish Potato Famine was tragedy, not stupidity

The Irish Potato Famine was tragedy, not stupidity

I remember years ago, someone was telling me about the Irish Potato Famine. He was Irish himself, which doesn’t explain why he was using it to make fun of them for it.

He told me during the famine, people had plenty of other food – just no potatoes. But since they didn’t know how to cook anything without them, there was a famine.

Now, I don’t know if that’s true.

But I do know this:

While that confused me back then… I kinda get it now.

Because what were they supposed to do – Google new recipes? In modern times, we like experimenting with recipes. Back then, those instructions were sacred. People passed down perfected forms of the meals through the generations.

You never tweaked these – that was taboo.

If you started experimenting with unusual herbs or mushrooms, you were likely to poison yourself eventually.

The old recipes are what works – and you don’t mess with what works.

I mean, sure – maybe the logical thing to do is experiment sometimes. If it’s a choice between that and starving, surely mucking around with the meals is a risk worth taking.

But that’s short term logic.

The bigger picture says you can’t tell those moments. If a set of rules is passed down over hundreds of years, it’s hard to spot when it’s safe to break them.

You might say the smart thing is to reassess all your life decisions during times of hardship – like a famine. I say that’s a distraction these people probably couldn’t afford.

But with hindsight, we can see the true answer. Adapt the meals and keep on noshing.

And that makes me wonder what rules I’m following right now that I shouldn’t be. What guidelines serve me well 99% of the time but this is one of the 1% that don’t?

I don’t know what mistakes I’m making.

All I know is I can’t fix them with muddled thinking.

And the opposite of muddled thinking is serene thinking. It brings your focus to where it needs, without clouding it with distracting emotions.

Remaining calm and focused during a crisis…

Well, what could you do with an attitude like that?

What problems are you living with that need a clear examination?

Think on that as you head over here and begin your serenity training at no cost:

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