Just because it’s irresistible, it doesn’t mean it’s a sin

I liken my trance audio – module 6 of 19 in Monster Mind Edukaré – to the Siren of mythology.



And, on a superficial level, works with sound.

Hypnosis ain’t like how you see it in movies and TV. It’s not like the moment you hear this, you’ll lose all conscious control and slip immediately into a deep trance.

That’d be wild, huh?

But it can be just as irresistible.

For some people, listening to it is all they need. They gently begin to slip into a trance.

For others, it takes practice to fully experience that.

It’s slower, more subtle and less… well, magical than what you see on TV. But, whether you respond powerfully or subtly, it moves you closer to a trance.

Either way, you can begin to see what the trance experience is like.

Probably in a small way the first time round.

Possibly dramatically in the first minute.

It’s irresistible. If you listen and focus, you’ll move deeper into a trance just by lying there.

How deeply?

Well, that depends on a lot of factors, pendo.

All that matters is trance is the keystone to all great mind training programs. With mine, I infused it into every corner of its DNA.

That’s how I can promise such dramatic results, assuming you put the work in.

I’ve talked a lot about how irresistible it is and the choice is yours – you can decide, right now, how far you want to refine your own mind. There’s nothing more to it but to read this entire letter, which I wrote with you in mind.

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