Is this even hypnosis?

It’s easy for many people to go from feeling demoralised to feeling determined. You may have to dig deep, grit your teeth and fire up, but you can do it.

This can be useful. Heck, it’s how a lot of good comes into this world. Someone hits rock bottom, mutters ‘no more’ and turns their life around.

It’s also exhausting and risky.

Measuring yourself against others is a losing game. When they improve, you could bemoan how they’re pulling ahead of you even further.

Or you could celebrate that – which is a much happier and wiser thing to do.

Neither of those sounds like hypnosis to you, I’m sure.

Maybe they are, maybe they’re not.

But it does change your brain at your unconscious level, so it does the same thing as it.

When you read Motion Mind, you’ll pick up simple drills you can do in your spare time. They’re not complicated – like most sports and workout routines, you get the benefits by doing something simple with discipline.

Do these drills and you’ll learn to love exercise – fast.

Find the book here:

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