It makes things better. Its absence makes things worse.

It sounds like a riddle, but I’m not playing games.

You can’t get through life without paying. You either pay with money, pay with pain or pay attention.

I recommend the latter – it makes everything better.


I heard of a study a while ago. They took two groups of hotel cleaning staff from different hotels. They gave one group a standard pep talk. With the other group, they gave the same talk, only they also mentioned how doing so much cleaning is actually good exercise.

Fast forward a few months. The first group’s weight hadn’t changed, while the other group had lost weight.

The only difference between the two was the second group paid attention to the amount of exercise they were getting.

I know, I know, I can hear your grizzling from here. Those studies tend to suffer from replication crises. And you can never believe something like this based on one study.

Having said that…

Most fitness experts will tell you to pay attention during exercise. They’ll tell you that you’ll not only prevent injuries but get better results by paying attention.

Schwarzenegger isn’t the only one to call his exercise a form of meditation.

So let’s take this as a given. Even if you think your body is a simple machine, separate from your mind – you’d be wrong to think that, by the way – go along with me here.

If mindful exercise works well, while mindless exercise is a dangerous waste of time…

Doesn’t that imply something about eating?

If the same rules apply, is mindless eating free of calories?


In fact, if you want to watch your weight, mindful eating works wonders.

Your attention makes everything better. When you ignore problems, they get worse. When you ignore good things, they wilt.

Pay attention and they improve.

This doesn’t just apply to your waistline and biceps.

Everything else follows this line, too.

Luckily, it’s easy to train your attention.

Yes, even if you can’t meditate.

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