It’d be no fun if it were easy

Is it worth investing in digital marketing? Let’s assume, as we have all week, we’re talking about coaching, hypnotherapy, trainer or consultants here.

It’s not fast. Maybe it is for you if you already have a large and enthusiastic following – like, say, an email list and a social media following. Then, I’d still say it’s not fast, because you’ve been building it all this time.

It’s not easy. It’s a whole new skill with many subtleties.

I wouldn’t call it exciting or dramatic. You can’t brag about writing an email campaign to your friends.

And it’s not easy.

If it were, everyone would do it.

So what’s the point?

It’s scalable. One email can reach ten people or ten million.

It’s flexible. These days, you’re spoiled for choice – if you hate writing but love talking, you have multiple channels available to you. If you like writing, you can do almost anything.

If you design it right, it can take very little time and effort to keep running. Most days, I spent 20 minutes on it.

I’m not going to blow smoke up your kilt here:

It can revolutionise your business. It might save it or turn it into a juggernaut.

And it might do that quickly and easily.

But it probably won’t.

Like everything else in your business, it’ll take some combination of thought, time and money. You can get away with skimping on one, but only if you pour in more of the other two.

So, this isn’t an easy strategy.

It’s worth doing though.

And, instead of spending years learning marketing then adapting it to your niche, you can go straight for the simple, focused, practical advice I offer in Selling Transformation:

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