It’s not arrogance, it’s hard-won experience

Some folks think that I’m full of manure.

I say things like how I can help them solve lifelong problems – quickly, easily and permanently.

I imply, if not outright claim, that I can do things that other people can’t.

Even some things that seem impossible.

Well, it’s true. I talk a big talk.

That’s not coming from a place of arrogance.

Want me to expose my weaknesses? How about this – not ten minutes ago, I had an anxiety attack.

It was a pretty big one, too.

It came out of nowhere and… well, to say it was upsetting would be clumsy and tactless.

How do I feel now?

A little raw, I guess, but mostly okay. I’m taking it easy and treating myself to some writing.

That’s not bad. The old me wouldn’t have coped well with something like that. I would have tried my hardest to distract myself from it, even as I wanted to run away from everything.

This time, though, I rode out both waves of the attack, taking about a minute or so for each.

How did I do it?

With breathing exercises or mindfulness?

Nah – in the moment, I forgot all about those.

Instead, I used a different technique, one where I lean into the fear, darkness and panic.

I’m glad I remembered this one. It’s almost magic with how effective it is. The stronger the attack is, the stronger it makes me – even in the moment.

When I say my Alleviate Anxiety program can help you, it’s not because I read about it or learned it from a teacher. I know it works because I used it on myself.

Scratch that – I use it on myself.

My anxiety is much better than it used to be – much, much better – but there are very few folks who are always free of it.

You don’t need to be.

All you need is to alleviate it in the moment.

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