Joan of Arc’s much older husband

Overheard while near a game of trivia:

“According to a survey, 12% of Americans believe Joan of Arc was married to whom?”

I’ll admit that I chewed on that one and didn’t find the answer.

But I could have guessed it.

Because the answer was…


The temptation is, like the trivia host did, to crack a joke about ‘stupid Americans’. Or maybe ‘stupid humans’.

But I disagree.

For one thing, 12% is a small number. If you take a soccer team, then statistically, that’s one player who thinks that way. The rest won’t.

“Even one is too many!”

I disagree – here’s why:

Not knowing that Joan of Arc was a medieval French warrior saint might be ignorant… but guessing she was Noah’s wife makes sense. I mean, I said above that I could have guessed that answer. How, unless it followed a certain logic?

Sure, sure, it would be better if 98% of people could tell their medieval history from their biblical history.

But isn’t ‘Noah’ a better answer than something utterly random, like Lois Lane?

Isn’t the presence of some logic worth celebrating?

If you want to build a bonfire, you nurture the spark. You don’t condemn it for not being hot or bright enough.

Besides, ask enough questions of us and we’ll fall into the embarrassing 12% eventually.

Something to think about as I transition into talking about Monster Mind Edukaré. You might wonder what my thorough and intensive self-hypnosis, meditation and personal evolution program has to do with all this.

I could say that it makes you more likely to sit in the more learned 88%, but I don’t know if that’s a useful claim to make.

If you know my style, you already see the connection. We all judge people – I do it too – which only invites us to judge ourselves.

Throw accusations of stupidity and ignorance, and you’ll eventually accuse yourself of the same thing.

I believe in celebrating the sparks, even in a world full of darkness.

Especially in a world full of darkness.

The first, most difficult and most important step is acceptance.

If you struggle with that, that’s where self-hypnosis and meditation come in. No matter where you’re coming from, you can begin to experience it here:

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