Can you keep running on autopilot?

Many folks say your unconscious makes up 98% of your mind.

They understate it – it’s vastly more than that.

If you think about everything you don’t think about, it’s a lot. When you walk, you (consciously) set an intention while (unconsciously) you fire your muscles in precisely controlled sequences.

You can (consciously) focus on these words while you (unconsciously) process everything in your environment.

Besides, where do your conscious thoughts come from before you’re aware of them?

And where do they go when you stop thinking them?

Compared to conscious awareness, your unconscious is practically infinite.

Everything from regulating your hormones to leaping back from a speeding car to profound, life-changing revelations – it’s all unconscious.

So the question becomes, do you even need a conscious mind?

The conscious mind overthinks things, fixates on things and meddles in unconscious processes.

Wouldn’t it be better to live by your enlightened instincts?

To let the wisdom of your unconscious make your decisions?

To run on autopilot, as it were?

I don’t know.

But even if it were better, something would need to change first. After all, most folks live most of their days on autopilot. When every day is so similar to the last, it’s easy to do.

And yet most folks aren’t happy and fulfilled.

Whatever’s going on, it isn’t working.

The way I see it, that leads us to two choices:

Either we need to turn off our autopilots and consciously engage with life more.

Or we need to upgrade our autopilots – what they are now isn’t good enough.

Like I say, I’m not sure which is better. I’d argue the former – it’s better to be fully present in each moment than to let time slip you by.

Either way, it takes training to reach those states.

Training your conscious mind to be sharp, focused and precise.

And training your unconscious to do what it does, only better.

Then you stop thinking about ‘conscious’ and ‘unconscious’ as separate things. You integrate them into one mind – your mind.

Or at least align their intentions and get them talking.

Because as long as there’s a gap here – as long as part of you is invisible to and acting differently from the other – you’ll run on a third-tier autopilot.

What sort of training does it take to bring your mind together, unify it and supercharge your autopilot?

Regular, intensive hypnosis.

Nothing works better at taking your consciousness and your unconscious, and sitting them down at a table. Once they get to know each other, everything changes.

You can experience this level of training – working at your own pace, learning new parts of your mind at each step – right here:

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