“Sure, knitting helps with anxiety… but that’s not what I mean”

I’ve spent the past few months or so designing and experimenting with a new anxiety management technique.

If that sounds like I’m bragging… I guess I am a little. But every hypnotist worth their salt does the same. It’s no different to a singer saying they’re experimenting with a new style.

Once you understand the principles of hypnosis, cooking up new techniques is easy.

And in this case, I had a good starting point. My technique builds on one I learned from Dr Richard Nongard – a titan in hypnosis, especially for helping folks manage anxiety. My approach uses a couple of extra principles to smash anxiety, right when you need it to.

Anyway, I kinda want to call it the Ziggurat Technique. Once you see it in action, you’ll get why.

But, when I looked that term up, I noticed it’s already a technique in knitting.

Do I care? Not really. Unless I want to mash the keyboard, every name is already taken.

Knitting is worlds apart from hypnosis.


Except how they both deeply relax you.

How they draw your attention to a single moment and you lose yourself in the process.

And the steady rhythm – either of my voice or your needles – drowning out the rest of the world…

But I think that’s not too much overlap. Maybe I’ll change the name, maybe I’ll keep it.

None of that matters to you. All that matters is I’ve tested this technique and it works beautifully. Dr Nongard tested his variation for decades and found the same.

Folks who learn this – in my flavour or not – can break free of anxiety, phobias and panic… even while in the moment.

It’s the sort of thing you can do anywhere – in the office, on the bus, at the park. You can do it in the car, so long as you’re not driving at the time.

It takes a little over a minute to do.

And it shuts down the emotional spiral from the inside out.

How does it work?

By combining mindfulness, bilateral stimulation, breathwork, somatic therapy and the law of successive approximation into a simple, effective technique.

There are many levels to this ziggurat.

And it’s one of the many techniques I teach you in my Alleviate Anxiety program. This program works on two levels – dealing with anxiety when it arises, and managing the root causes in your unconscious.

If that sounds like what you need right now, then find an available timeslot and sign up here:


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