The last train out of victimhood – leaving now

I’m sending the first issue of Phronesis Accelerator out in a few moments. If you’ve been procrastinating, you’re cutting it awfully fine.

Here’s what the issue empowers you to do:

  • Create your power. This will make the PC police cry, but the victimisation hurt both men and women. I know I’m ‘supposed’ to say it hurt women/minorities more – and maybe it did. But is it useful to argue about who got the worse deal? Wouldn’t you rather learn how to reclaim your power as a man or woman?
  • Create your courage. If you ask the authorities, bravery in 2021 is where you blindly obey and give into fear. True bravery is about clinging to hope and not squandering your energies. Fear is useful in bursts, not as a ‘new normal’.
  • Create a sense of perspective. Remember in 2018 how everyone said it was ‘the WORST YEAR EVER omg!’ because, what, three ageing celebrities died? How idiotic do those people look now? Trust me – everyone calling 2020 the worst year ever are just as worthy of pity.
  • Create your vitality. The danger of modern life is living out of sync with your nature. It’s time to restore your connection with your true self and revel in all the wonder it brings.
  • Create surprises. Are you in a rut after months of working, resting and socialising at your desk or on your couch? Just because they say you can’t travel, that doesn’t mean you can’t break the stupor and really embrace living again.
  • Create human connection. This powerful influence secret always worked. Now, it works even better – and it shows everyone how great a leader you truly are. Best of all? It’s so fun they’ll thank you for it.
  • Create epiphanies. You know the Einstein quote about not solving problems with the same level of thinking that created them. So find your new level of thinking – it can happen in an instant.
  • Create your authority. People tell you to grovel, to beg, to apologise for being alive. Reclaim the sovereignty that is your birthright.

And if you refer someone to me before the issue goes out, you learn:

  • the ‘anti’ ‘bullying’ technique for persuasion and personal growth that’s older than the Bible,
  • how a recent linguistic shift (used by everyone from politicians to adult entertainment stars) reinforces a culture of fear – and what you can do about it.

Be sure to read the instructions in the Welcome Letter to learn how the referral program works.

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