Late to the lockdown party

If the lockdowns have been going on for six months or so, why am I only talking about them now?

A few reasons:

Firstly, the situation is getting worse. I don’t mean the virus – I mean everything around it.

I’m sure you heard the missing CDC report which said only 6% of virus fatalities were killed by the virus alone. Something like the death toll being 9,000, not nearly 200,000 – or whatever the numbers are.

Folks interpreted those numbers to mean 94% of folks died with covid, not from covid.

The CDC et al responded, saying all those folks died of covid – but only a small percent were otherwise healthy.

Let’s say that’s true – which is being generous. At best, we have yet other case of woeful comms skills.

You can’t stop folks from misinterpreting you, but you can choose how to respond. Maybe you ignore them – often that’s the right move. You could deliver a witty rebuttal. Or you could point to all the evidence, logic and reason that’s on your side.

A sucker’s move is to quickly delete the report and play possum for a few days. Amend the report, replace the report? Fine. But deleting it makes it look like you’re hiding something.

Their mishandling of this added a lot of anger and outrage, to a group of folks already under a lot of strain.

For all the billions going into vaccine research and the trillions they’re wiping off the economy, maybe they could spend a few bucks on getting their message across better.

That’s not the only craziness recently.

What about the one where a pregnant woman was arrested – and handcuffed – in her own home, for posting something on social media?

“She was encouraging folks to publicly protest! Public safety! Stage 4 lockdowns!”

She was charged with ‘inciting a riot’ for encouraging a peaceful protest. Even if that makes sense, it’s not worthy of handcuffs.

If protests are a danger to the community right now, then arrest those who show up, not those who discuss it. If you can’t even talk about protesting, pandemic or not, this isn’t a democracy.

And I sure hope those cops kept a 1.5 metre distance when they handcuffed that big, scary pregnant lady for saying the wrong things…

Bonus insanity: Robert Kennedy Jr’s so-called ‘Nazi rally’ that argued against totalitarianism, mass surveillance and government overreach.

But there’s been craziness like this from the start.

And there’s been terrible communications since they coined ‘social distancing’ – maybe even sooner.

Why talk about this now?

I’ll explain that tomorrow.

In the meantime, it might be illegal to say certain things in parts of the country… but you can still think what you want.

Indeed, it’s imperative that you do.

Even if you think the lockdowns are a reasonable and proportionate response – a necessary evil – there’s no denying they do more harm than they need to.

You can’t control the economy, public health or politics, but you can control your own mental well-being.

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