Laugh your way into trance

Want an easy, fun way to experience hypnosis?

Turn to stage comedy.

This doesn’t work for everyone and it needs to be a great comedian. Still, if it doesn’t put you in a trance, at least you got some laughs out of it.

Here’s how you know it worked:

If the time passes in a delightful blur that you struggle to recall later, that’s because you experienced classic hypnotic amnesia.

You remember the quality of the experience – funny and enjoyable – while struggling to remember many of the jokes.

(Especially those in the middle of the routine.)

That’s just one of the many ways hypnosis shows up in everyday life.

You could call it accidental hypnosis – the trance appears then disappears later.

There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s great for your mind.

Deliberate hypnosis is even better, though.

It creates the trance on purpose, then uses it.

A trance is a beautiful thing… and it’s a shame to waste the opportunity.

So start using them and stop letting them slip through your fingers.

Here’s how to begin:

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