Learning how to walk all over again

It’s surprising how many bad habits I let sneak back in this year.

Sure, I had any excuse… but I’ve always got an excuse. And it’s never the truth – that’s why I don’t say I have reasons.

For example…

A few years ago, I reinvented how I walk. I took some lessons from qi gong, persuasion training and swing dancing – a pretty obvious mix, I reckon – to walk with more speed, bounce and energy, with less effort.

Then I spent more of this year sitting down and less walking, so I fell back into old habits.

Well, I’m working on that. Just one day of conscious walking has done more good for me than most of what I’ve done recently.

If how you do anything is how you do everything, then my walking style needed some tender love and care.

I wonder if there’s a product idea in this – a guide to walking a better way. Not the tired, hunched-over shuffle I see most folks do, but real movement, like an athlete, martial artist or dancer.

But I’ll say this:

In isolation, this walking technique fixes a lot of quirks and bugs in my body.

In conjunction with every other practice I enjoy?

The results are incalculable.

It’s not 1 + 1 = 2, it’s 1 + 1 creates a universe.

So what do you get when you sum up 60 simple, easy habits, each capable of revolutionising your life?

You get a whole new you, free of your old limitations in, in most cases, just a few minutes a day.

You get Three-Score Navike, which is right here:


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