Leave half-lives to isotopes

Leave half-lives to isotopes

If you feel you’re not living the life you should be, you’re not alone.

Society is not optimised towards allowing you to live your potential. That’s not its fault, though, as the universe isn’t optimised for civilisation.

We’re all just trying to make do with what we have.

That doesn’t mean you stop trying, though.

And it certainly doesn’t mean you curse the universe for not forcing utopias everywhere.

Everything in the cosmos changes.

Unlike over 99.999% of things, though, you can control how you change.

Want to complain and find fault with everything? Every day, you’ll get better at being miserable.

Want to try to get through the hard parts better?

That’s all you need to do – simply try. Whether you do it or not doesn’t matter.

Well, give that a go and you’ll get stronger.

Focus on what you can do now and focus on what you can do well. Never stop striving for something greater.

And if you come across an obstacle, think your way through it. You carry the genetic legacy of billions of years of problem solvers. If the first fish to flop onto soil gave up, it wouldn’t have children who evolve into you.

Success is in your blood, bones and brain.

Of course, I’m not saying anything new here.

You know optimism, perseverance and intelligence can transform your life.

But if you’re struggling, you only know that intellectually. Here’s how you incorporate that knowledge into the core of your being.

So it becomes a part of you, something you don’t have to think about.

A lens through how you see the world.

The first step is you follow the link below.

Then you think about what you’re missing. Carefully consider it.

Then you download whatever you need.

Finally, you pay whatever you think it’s worth. If you want it at no cost, that’s as easy as clicking.

So here’s that link:


Photo by
Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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