What the Left and Right Agree On: Everything

Consider this statement:

“Large corporations have a lot of power. Through the tax revenue they provide, the lobbyists they hire or even straight-up bribery/blackmail, they coerce politicians. These politicians, who wield tremendous power, pass laws that hurt workers and small business owners. It’s a major threat to democracy – and the idea that politicians work for the people.”

Most folks would agree with that.

Let me say that again, because it needs emphasising:

Most folks would agree with that.

The most rabid member of the Tea Party movement would agree. Corporations use the power of the government to beat the free market til it bleeds, using the law to protect their market share.

The most rabid #BLM #OccupyWallStreet #Resistance #SJW would agree. Corporations use their wealth and influence to lead the government from serving the people to serving them.

Most folks in between those extremes would agree too. You’d have to be strikingly naïve to not see this, all the time.

So, if we all agree, then there’s nothing stopping us from creating change here.


Ah, silly me. I forgot that the Left and the Right are at each other’s throats, arguing over the colour of the carpet while the city burns around them.

Woke folks say the problem is a lack of diversity. By which they mean the most boring kind of diversity – of reproductive organs and skin colour, rather than life experience or perspectives. Okay, sure, make the financial elite are racially and gender diverse. Oh, whoops, they still misuse government power to protect their profits. Who saw that coming?

Tea party folks say the problem is an abundance of regulations. Too many regulations are bad, sure, but I’m not pining for the good ol’ days where people worked 14-hour days for less money and with no sick leave.

But yeah, let’s argue about how many women in leadership is too few or how many laws are too many…

… while the rich and powerful buy and sell the government, right in front of us.

I’m not saying these discussions aren’t important – they are.

But if arguing over them stops you from dealing with the real problem, then put a pin in it.

If a lion charges your safari group, don’t argue over who owns the tranq gun. As long as someone picks it up and uses it, everyone wins.

I’m not the first person to point out the financial elite own the media – traditional and social.

And I’m not the first to point out how these medias love stoking the culture war.

When we the people argue among ourselves, we lose and they win. They want you distracted from the real issues.

And if you notice a CEO doing something dodgy and blame it on ‘the Republicans’ or ‘the Labor Party’ or whoever?

They’re laughing because you’re blaming shadows and scapegoats.

Do you want a real end to divisiveness?

Do you want common folks – not corrupt politicians, dodgy multicorps and the ivory tower – to wield power again?

We need to reverse a problem.

This problem erupted in the US during the 2016 election.

It blew up again in the 2020 one.

Now, something important lies in tatters – and rebuilding this should be your top priority.

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