Let me push your buttons

If not that, at least let me show you how to install them.

“Mate, he really presses my buttons.” Not a great thing you want folk to say about you, right?

But why not?

Surely not every button you have runs hot.

What if you had a confidence button? Anyone who pushes that would be worth befriending, hiring or marrying.

Or a focus button. If you could concentrate as easily as you could launch Twitter, what would that do for you?

This Halloween, you’re going to see many folk dressed as robots, cyborgs and androids. But they’re all pretending. None of them have buttons – not useful ones like these, at least.

While they’re faking it, you could get the real thing.

When I say a button, I mean it. When I tap the back of my left hand, my state of mind shifts. It suddenly becomes easy – irresistible, even – to sit down and work for hours. Distractions be damned, redeemed and damned again.

And I can tap to activate a state of mind so pleasant, bizarre and useful, it’s difficult to explain. But I don’t need to label it, merely experience it.

You can become a cyborg like me – getting whatever you want with a touch of the finger.

If that sounds too good to be true, I’ll say this – it takes consistent practice to set these up. Depending on who you are and how you think, it might take a month or two to see results.

Or only a few days.

With a bit of luck and planning, you can even create a handy button in minutes.

And it’ll last for the rest of your life. It won’t where off because the more you use it, the more effective it becomes.


I explain it all in simple, step-by-step detail in module 5 – Hack Your Hands.

You can get that here, plus the other 18 modules:


P.S. It’s Halloween, so how about you take advantage of my Halloween discount. The price is $100 off for the next few hours.

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