Life-changing experiences last how long, exactly?

Imagine someone asked you, “how long do life-changing experiences last?”

What would you say to that?

Surely, by definition, they last a while…

Everyone knows traumatic experiences can lead to two extreme outcomes:

For some people, they have an awful childhood, suffer for years or come close to death. And this breaks them. They become antisocial, miserable, even violent. They point to what happened and say, how could I turn out any other way after that?

For others, the same thing happens to them. Only it galvanises them. They dedicate their lives to being a force for good in the world, being grateful for every moment now.

They point to what happened and ask the same question – how could they turn out any other way?

Extreme experiences lead to extreme changes – for better or worse.

Here’s the strange thing:

‘Extreme’ doesn’t have to involve pain, bliss, death or rebirth.

In fact, it can look rather mundane from the outside.

A conversation with a stranger on the bus can completely change how you see the world… and your place in it.

A simple “I forgive you” can make a hardened criminal break down into tears.

Anyway, you’re expecting me to talk about hypnosis at some point, so here I go:

Folks ask, “how long do post-hypnotic suggestions last for?”

As if they are some chemical the body metabolises after a reliable period…

They’re psychological experiences, which means they can either last less than a minute or for the rest of your life.

How strange would it be if they always needed a top-up at the three-year mark?

So there you have it – it could be any length of time between ‘none’ and ‘forever’.

But one thing biases post-hypnotic suggestions closer towards the lifetime end of the spectrum…

Real hypnotherapy engages your unconscious mind. Hypnosis done for fun – like, say, a stage hypnotist – might give you a simple command. “Your hand is now stuck to the table,” that sort of thing. But few hypnotherapists do the same thing – “you are now free from anxiety”.

They might use that as part of a bigger approach, but that’s not the whole story.

Here’s why:

Your problems lie in your unconscious – say, from unresolved childhood trauma maybe. That means the solution has to come from your unconscious too.

And any time you peel back the veil in your mind and experience something you’ve ignored your whole life…

Well, that’s an extreme moment.

It might look like you’re sitting there with your eyes closed, but you’re going through something intense.

Resolving an issue feels… strange. It’s like releasing a knotted muscle – suddenly you can move your shoulder more freely and you just feel good. Your mind can feel like that, times a hundred.

Or it might be more subtle – barely a warm glow.

Or so intense it leaves you bawling with relief.

Either way, a skilled hypnotist will use this experience as a life-changing moment for you, locking it into the right way of thinking to get the results you want.

A one-minute hypnosis session can embed suggestions that last the rest of your life. It won’t always – there are no guarantees in hypnosis – but it happens every day.

Is today your day?

And instead of one minute of hypnosis, what can 60 of them do?

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