Life lessons from a malfunctioning robot

I love Doctor Who. Absolutely love it. Even the campy, cheesy, lame bits.

(Especially the campy, cheesy, lame bits…?)

The sheer freedom, power and awe in the Doctor’s life gives me goosebumps. And the fact she brings ‘ordinary’ folk along makes it even more special. She could choose the best and brightest from history – the strongest, fastest, best trained. But she doesn’t want that, because ordinary folk are the most special.

There’s a concept that rears its head every season or few:

The well-meaning but homicidal robots.

These machines do what they’re programmed to do. Help people. Keep things working. Protect something from harm.

The intention is good, even noble.

But something goes wrong. To fulfil their programming, they go nuts and starting killing people.

I always think of the derelict spacecraft repaired with whatever the robots could find… which included the crew.

Your mind is a lot like these glitching droids. You have some programming – a lesson you picked up as a child, perhaps.

And the intention behind that lesson is good.

Maybe you don’t want anyone to hurt you… so you push them away.

Or perhaps you don’t want to fail… so you never try.

Or you might want to belong with a tribe… so you drink, smoke and get angry, just like your tribe growing up did.

Good intentions with the wrong actions lead to pain and misery.

These are the hardest things to unlearn. Your unconscious mind fights you every step of the way.

“Learn to trust people?? But they’ll hurt you again!”

“I can’t bear the thought of failing, so I’ll sabotage this next attempt too.”

“If I give up the booze, I’ll be lonely. Not an option.”

These arguments might not make sense. Your drinking might be making you lonelier, for example. But machines and unconscious thinking are both illogical – they only follow their programming.

So you can’t reason your way out – otherwise you would have by now.

You can brute force your mind into a new way of thinking, fighting yourself the whole time…

Or you could use nature’s way of reprogramming your mind.

That’s the whole point of a hypnotic trance – it opens you to new suggestions that you absorb on an unconscious level.

You can delete lifelong habits, phobias and beliefs in minutes… replace them with something better… then get back to living your life.

Like any other skill, it takes practice and good learnin’.

So get your sticky little fingers on some practice and learnin’ here:

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