Life = orange juice

If I were to tell you the secret to a long happy successful life is to concentrate more, then many of you would scoff at that.

You would scoff either because you’re already concentrating all the time, aren’t you?

Even when you’re zoned out on the couch watching Netflix or whatever, you’re still paying attention.

And some of you will scoff because you’re already paying so much attention at work, with your studies, raising your kids, that by the end of the day, you’re can’t pay attention.

You got nothing left to spare. You’ve burned through all your mental resources just getting through the day.

Either way, consider this a vital update:

Whether you think you’re already always concentrating…

Or whether you think you’re already giving it your all and you have no capacity for it left…

… there’s one thing I’d invite you to consider.

Think about how an athlete moves their body. A couch potato thinks they’re in touch with their body because they can feel it, they’ve been living in the body since the day they were born. And someone who pushes themselves to the extremes every day, smashing themselves at the gym, breaking themselves on the sporting field, they also think that they’re in touch with their body.

But the way a true athlete uses their body is different.

True athletes move their body in a way that’s almost effortless.

When they need to explode with power, they explode.

When they need to just keep on going, they keep on going.

And this is how it works with your mind as well.

If you neglect it, if you’re not paying extra special care with it – and if you’re not training it – then you might think it’s in good shape. But it’s not.

And if you spend eight hours of the day just slamming it, just forcing it to focus, pumping it full of caffeine and sugar to keep it running and then crashing at the end of the day, that’s not a great way of doing it either.

A more enlightened approach is to burst with energy when you need it, but otherwise, to focus in a more relaxed and gentle and sustainable way.

Because concentrating doesn’t have to require effort.

Well… not much effort, anyway.

With the right mental preparation, you could spend (say) a tenth of the effort and still focus just as much.

But I’m not going to teach you how to do that.

Why not? Am I nothing but a mind training tease?

No – it’s because I don’t have to.

You’ll find yourself thinking more efficiently and effectively – and concentrating with less effort – simply as a side effect.

A side effect of what, you ask?

Why, everything on this page:

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