A straight-up, naked list of self-hypnosis benefits

A straight-up, naked list of self-hypnosis benefits

I talk about what self-hypnosis can do for you a lot. That’s because that’s a big category. Take any part of your life – how could it improve if you learned better ways of thinking?

And better ways of being?

But that’s vague to the point of meaningless. What on earth do I mean by ‘better’?

What, you want me to give you a list?

Well, okay then.

I’m not sure if every self-hypnosis program can promise all this. All I know is mine can, because if you download Unlock the Vault, you’ll learn how to:

  • Gain some of the mental powers of a Buddhist monk, without setting foot in a monastery,
  • Use exhaustion to boost your creativity,
  • Use seven distinct self-hypnosis inductions to quickly and easily access your unconscious thinking,
  • Find more answers for your unsolvable problems using a street hypnosis gimmick,
  • Bypass almost any difficulties by knowing how to troubleshoot your trances,
  • Strengthen dozens of areas in your life, including relationships, career and personal growth,
  • Relax better and work harder by consciously changing your perception of time,
  • Become a success magnet by tweaking the instincts that keep you safe,
  • Literally hallucinate your ideal future into existence,
  • Think so intensely that it burns calories (using this, I spent a week eating junk food and walked away thinner),
  • Absorb more information, boost your IQ and improve your relationships with one simple exercise,
  • Sleep well most nights, free yourself from pain and boost your immune system,
  • Never feel bored again once you learn how to turn waiting in line into a training opportunity,
  • Instantly relax, no matter what is happening outside,
  • Naturally enter the flow state,
  • Use the secret shamanic technique for thinking beyond your usual thoughts,
  • Invent your own brain training program as easily as daydreaming,
  • Think faster, clearer and stranger than you ever have,
  • Learn the problem with affirmations and how to do them right,
  • Create better habits that stick, even if you have no willpower,
  • Shred the negative thoughts that keep you from the life you deserve.

There you have it – a straight-up, naked list of benefits. I wonder which one appeals to you the most right now?

Then again, why choose when you can have it all.

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