Literally forgetting your problems

This might seem like a dumb question, but it’s worth asking:

Think of a problem you’d like to overcome right now. Make it something personal – that is, less ‘climate change’ and more ‘fear of public speaking’.

It could be you’re in a job you hate, you’re painfully single or you’re riddled with anxiety.

When you have the problem in mind, ask yourself:

How do you know you have it?

This might sound like an off-brand Zen koan, or that I’m trying to sound deep for the sake of it. But really consider it, and let me ask you this.

Let’s say you had anxiety… but you forgot about it. You forgot so thoroughly that you didn’t remember to feel anything but focused, relaxed and at peace.

Do you still have the problem then?

Some of you might point out that ‘delusion’ doesn’t equal ‘solution’. Take one of the other examples – if you’re single but ‘forget’ you are… you’re still single.

Sure, sure.

Except ‘being single’ isn’t the problem – it’s the consequence of it.

The real problem?

Maybe you’re too shy, too picky, too insecure, too prone to sabotaging a good thing…

Those are problems – and you can forget to do any of those and be better off.

This is how hypnosis can help you. It’s not the only way, but it’s simple, effective and versatile. Think about how easy quitting smoking would be if you forgot to crave cigarettes.

Anyway, this relates to an intriguing principle of hypnosis:

You create most of your problems.

I’m not saying that bad things can’t happen to you from the outside world. If you’re fired, that’s no good and you probably didn’t want it to happen.

And I’m not blaming the victim here, pretending bad things happen because you didn’t believe hard enough or something. For one thing, it’s not useful. For another, it’s not true.

What I mean is something simple and common sense.

You know that two people can go through the same situation and come out of it differently. One person loses their job and they panic, wallowing in self-pity, while the other takes it as a chance to follow their dreams.

The sudden unemployment isn’t the problem – the real problem lies in the reaction to it.

And this is great news!

You can’t control the world, but you can control your own mind. If that’s where all your problems are, then you can solve them.

Because all your solutions are in your mind too.

It’s a simple matter of reconnecting them.

Usual reminder: instead of reading about what hypnosis can do for you, why don’t you experience it for yourself?

The Neural Reset is an excellent starting point:

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