Literally tapping into creativity and motivation

Most of the time, I loving writing. But, hey, I’m not a machine. Sometimes, I just don’t have it in me.

Like when I sat down to write this.

It was basically the last thing I wanted to do.

A few minutes before I started typing, I was feeling tired, flat and uninspired.

Then I did the obvious thing:

I tapped the back of my hand three times.

Now I can feel the inspiration and creativity rising inside of me. The words are starting to flow easily and quickly.

I’m not forcing myself anymore. Now, I want to do this. In fact, not a lot would stop me from sitting here and getting a week’s worth of writing done in one sitting.

All that… from tapping my hand?

Do I know some secret acupuncture technique for unblocking creative flow?

Maybe there’s a chakra point or a nerve ganglia there or something…

Hey, maybe there is. Give it a go – three taps to the back of your left hand.

If it works, great.

If not, it’s because I skipped a few steps.

Steps that I explain in module 5 of 19 in Monster Mind Edukaré – my self-paced (but months long, at least) mind training program.

Take any mental state you want to experience.

Use this module to set up a trigger.

And you can feel it on demand, mere seconds from now.

Sure, it takes a little work to set up.

But it pays for itself, and then some.

Because if you can choose to feel enthusiastic about every task, no matter how boring, how much more can you get done?

And how much happier will you be?

There’s more that you can have on top of enthusiasm and creativity – and you can get it all.

Learn how to do that, and a whole lot more, right here:

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