Literally the best possible discount

I’ve given all sorts of discounts in my time, but this one’s a doozy:

Monster Mind Edukaré – my biggest, most intensive, most thorough and therefore most expensive product – has a tasty 100% discount going on right now.

Yep, all 361 dollars of it have been slashed off the price, for some of you.

Now, now, I know what some of you smartasses are thinking:

That’s not the literal best discount. I mean, I could give you something on top of that.

So I will.

If you use social media at all, it warps your mind on not just a psychological level, but a chemical one too. You might think you’re somehow immune or you use it responsibly – fine. Watch someone scrolling through their Twitter feed and notice what you see.

Don’t worry, they probably won’t notice you staring.

Notice, then file that away in the back of your mind.

If you pay enough attention, you’ll catch yourself doing exactly the same thing sometimes.

Hey, maybe you think it’s no big deal. Is it any different from losing yourself in a good book or the act of painting with watercolours?

Well… yes, it is.

If you can’t spot the differences, you’re not self-aware enough to believe my explanations.

The rest of you, though, know how great it would be to loosen Big Tech’s grip on your psyche.

Next week, I’ll show you how to do that.

And that’s the bonus I’m throwing in, on top of the Monster Mind Edukaré giveaway.

This makes it better than 100% off – it’s over $400 worth of value, just waiting for the first folks to claim it.

Here’s how:

Sign up for an account on It’s social media done right, so you should do that anyway.

Then send me an email and I’ll let you into my lair. My address is hello at

That’s all.

P.S. The discount code is only valid for the first 15 uses, but everyone in my lair will get my social media deprogramming video. It’s my gift to all of you.

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