Little green wisdom from little green people

Little green wisdom from little green people

Indulge me for a moment and remember something for me. Think back to when you last made a radical change in your life. Maybe you got a new job, entered a relationship or “just” cleaned out your house for the first time in years.

Radical change isn’t always worth bragging about. Sometimes it’s the seemingly little things that we needed all along.

Anyway, as you think about it, you might notice a point where your thinking shifted. It’s often hard to describe how it changed, only that it did. You don’t have to label things though – this isn’t that sort of exercise.

The point is that changes to your thinking create changes to your circumstances.

The reverse is also true. You’re different in a church than in a prison. Changing your environment can completely change the way you see the world.

It’s not always an option. Your thinking, though? That’s always in your hands.

Sometimes it’s as easy as thinking about aliens. Say a little green person descends through the atmosphere. A white and chrome pod crashes on your lawn, opening to reveal dry ice and alien explorers. What would they say about your situation?

Because if you’re going to think new thoughts, you may as well go alien.

Other people’s problems are so easy to solve. The answer is right in front of them, they just don’t want to admit it. The same applies to you, so use that. Invite the greatest outsider to scrutinise your life. They’ll question everything. It might even get a little uncomfortable. That’s how you know it’s working.

Of course, this isn’t some idle daydreaming. Use this with self-hypnosis and you have a powerful tool for change.

And if you don’t know self-hypnosis?

Well, that’s an easy fix. Get your mitts on all the training you need:

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