Lose Control to Gain Power

Lose Control to Gain Power

If you think you’re the only one who can move your body, you’re wrong. Hypnotists have known for generations how to lock someone’s arm, stick their hand to a table or let it rise in the air.

Ignoring hypnosis, it doesn’t take much to walk around like a zombie. A little tiredness and your conscious intention evaporates.

Your body can move itself. Sometimes, this is obvious – like your hand recoiling after touching something hot (or gross). You can override that, like the time I saved a chemistry experiment by grabbing a scalding beaker.

Some part of me wanted to keep me from injuring myself. Some other part didn’t want to waste three hours’ worth of work.

Then there are other movements – automatic movements – that are much more subtle.

As subtle as a smile creeping across your lips.

Or learning towards someone you adore.

Your unconscious mind can’t speak to you with words, but it can communicate with you. Sometimes that’s through intuitions or visions. Other times it’s through your body.

Because your unconscious controls your body. When you walk, how much of that is in your control? You don’t coordinate the muscle contractions as they fire in a particular sequence. You probably don’t give much thought to putting on leg before the other.

This isn’t something you need to think about it. In fact, thinking about how you walk can mess it up. Try to walk deliberately and notice how awkward that feels.

Some things are best left to your unconscious.

But it goes deeper than that.

Automatic movements are much more useful than helping you get around.

You can use your body to solve problems, express your inner desires, resolve emotion and tension…

But it takes conscious will to surrender control.

Recently I hypnotised myself to solve a problem. I surrendered control to my deepest, wisest instincts. These instincts locked my arm in place, hovering in front of me as if I was holding an invisible wineglass.

And my arm stayed there, without moving, for over an hour.

I went about my business while my arm worked through the problem.

It worked. Boy, did it work. It felt like insights travelled up from my hand into my mind.

Was my hand really working through a complex set of problems?

Who knows? Who cares? That’s what my unconscious chose and I rolled with it. Had I been too afraid to lose control, I wouldn’t have had the insights. If I’d been too concerned with how I looked, (ridiculous, no doubt,) then I would be poorer for it.

There are greater things in this world than you. At some point, to grow, you must give in to them.

But knowing what to give into is vital.

Don’t be seduced by golden promises. Explore your own mind and learn what it’s like to really surrender to your power.

You don’t have to trust me.

And maybe you shouldn’t.

So trust yourself:


Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

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