When did you lose your love of learning?

There’s a quote from a movie from a few years ago. It was a forgettable film and my Google Fu is failing me. It’s not important – one the characters says something like:

“All children are special. It makes you wonder where all these average adults come from.”

It sure looks that way sometimes, doesn’t it?

So many people conform in order to get what they’re told they want. A 9-5 job for five decades, before enjoying retirement with the side effects from working 9-5 for five decades.

I’m hardly the first to make this observation.

The difference is I don’t look down on anyone like that.

We’re not taught to embrace our wacky, unique self. Even today, with experts and economists saying creativity drives the economy, creativity is crushed.

It starts in school and continues as an adult. Even from schools and workplaces who make an effort to cultivate creativity.

Our systems, deliberately or otherwise, teach us bad life lessons:

The teacher knows the answer. Your job is to figure it out and please them.

Be like everyone else.

Your self-worth and prospects come from an arbitrary ranking system.

The result?

The “smartest” kids learn bad habits. Everyone else learns they’re not smart enough to succeed.

No wonder so many folk hate, say, maths – a subject notorious for punishing creative approaches (at least, the way a lotta folk teach it).

Too many adults even have a dislike of learning.

Honestly, I can’t blame anyone for that. My own school experience got within inches of doing that to me – and I was one of the “smart” ones.

The good news is, even if you can learn nothing else, you can learn to like learning again.

That’s because it’s not what you might think. It’s not forcing dry facts into your mind and regurgitating the answer for a scowling authority figure.

It’s an exploration, a creation of knowledge.

Every fact and skill you learn becomes yours, integrated with everything else you know and can do.

Learning is a relationship between your conscious and unconscious minds, between everything you are and the learning material.

When you rekindle that relationship, it’s addictively enjoyable.

This is something every human being can do. You’re wired for it.

And you can begin to rekindle it today. All it takes is disciplined listening to the audio programs available here.

It begins when you follow this link:


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