Lose your mind to gain control

Lose your mind to gain control

The world is full of ironic fears. What do I mean by that? Well, so many people take action to avoid one outcome… only to make it more likely.

An example:

Someone might have a fear of flying, so they spend three days slamming coffee to drive across the country. It’s an ironic fear because, statistically, flying is safer than driving.

Especially when you do it like that.

My point isn’t to pick on anyone like this. It makes sense to avoid things that twist your insides into pretzels. You don’t have to live with that, of course, but for now, scary things are scary.

I get it.

But I can’t help but spot the irony. Fear’s purpose is to drive you away from danger, not towards it.

Some ironic fears are much more common than others.

Like with, say, hypnosis.

One of the classic concerns around hypnosis is losing control. It takes courage to put your mind in someone else’s hands. If a hypnotist violates that trust, it can become unpleasant.

But this, too, is an ironic fear.

Hypnosis gives you more control, not less. If all you know of hypnosis are stage shows and TV programs, I don’t blame you for getting this wrong. But it is wrong.

Anyone on a stage could resist the hypnotist if they wanted to. Who would want to, though? You can either have a fun, great, memorable experience… one you’ll tell your friends about for decades…

Or you could not.

If you do go with the experience, though, your mind becomes freer. You let go of things you were clinging too tightly to. You see new ways of viewing your problems. The freedom of hypnotic trances lets you think of solutions you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

It shatters your inhibitions. That’s why it’ll make you dance around on a stage…

Or come up with the greatest ideas of your life.

If you’re hungry for a new way of being – a better way of living – then this is the secret sauce. I used hypnosis to find my purpose, enhance my mood and boost my physical health. I went from drifting aimlessly to having so much fire, it hurts.

It’s something you can learn too.

No matter where you are in life, your next step lies in your unconscious.

You might have questions about how it works, though.

That’s okay – I love questions. The only thing better is sharing answers. And the best people to share them with are those in my group. Every member of our quaint and humble tribe receives gifts to help you find the next piece of your puzzle.

Of all your choices, this is the easiest and the best:

What can 8P do for you?

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