If You Love Hypnosis, Trivialise It

If You Love Hypnosis, Trivialise It

You might have heard of Samsung’s recent dabbling in hypnosis. They offer a free audio that gives you the ‘possibility’ to forget a specific TV show. The idea is that, by forgetting your favourite show, you can re-experience it again for the first time.

And everyone, if you pardon the pun, lost their minds.

Hypnotists were outraged, complaining that it trivialises one of the most effective therapeutic tools on the planet. Layfolk were horrified that people would trust their inner minds to a vast corporate entity. Trolls talked about how it would increase school shootings and jokers talked about how it would increase Samsung purchases.

What’s my take on it? Well, I hate to disagree with the majority of the hypnotherapy community, but it’s the wrong attitude. If you struggle to convince people that hypnosis can help them, maybe this is why.

Do I think that using hypnosis to forget TV trivialises it? Of course it does. So do stage and street hypnosis, though, and they are the best advertisements for hypnosis around. My concern isn’t that it trivialises it. My concern is that it won’t work.

Listening to a 20-odd minute audio, alone, to forget something you enjoyed? Well, it’s possible, but it’s going to have a low hit rate. Yes, it will work very well for some people. But for most people, not a glimmer. Stage hypnosis is persuasive because you see it in action. And you don’t want to forget pleasant memories, so you’ll resist the suggestions. I wonder how many people have this as their only exposure to hypnosis and lose trust as a result?

The lesson is that hypnotists should focus more on credibility and less on whether something trivialises hypnosis.

Most apps on the app store trivialise computers. No one loses faith in their effectiveness, though. Thanks partly to these apps, laptops, tablets and smartphones have never been more popular.

Fun sells. Why? Because it attracts attention and, as a hypnotist, you know how powerful attention is.

People don’t want to face their problems. Problems are boring, difficult and shame-inducing. Fun is way better. No one shirks their obligations in a game.

So your clients should see hypnosis as fun. It’s a tool to help them overcome their challenges, yes. It should never stop being that. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy themselves.

Forgetting your name has no therapeutic benefits, but it’s hilarious. You try to say it and you can’t. Your friends laugh, you laugh and you realise that there’s more to the mind.

That’s where you want your clients to be all the time, so add a few minutes of fun into your interactions with people. Be who they want as well as who they need.

How do you make your marketing fun without looking like a doofus? It’s a fine line to walk. If you’d like to know how to walk it and enjoy greater results with your clients, then it sounds like you need my system. Let’s talk about how you can reach more people and inspire them to change.


Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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