Loving exercise is in your blood

You are a product of your environment – and your ancestors’ environment.

Most animals like to laze around and conserve their energy when they get the chance.

But when they need to move – to find food, to establish new territory, to fight off rivals, to migrate – they move with enthusiasm.

Picture a dog going for a walk with their owner. To a human, it’s a simple walk and the chance to get some fresh air.

For the ancient animal brain lurking in that adorable dog, though?

They’re a wolf – patrolling and exploring with their pack.

They love it because that’s what dogs do. It’s in their nature. After natural disasters, even the most domesticated dogs will team up with each other, form a temporary pack and follow its leader.

You have an animal brain too – a brain that craves movement and physical challenges.

If you – the person reading this – doesn’t crave those things, that’s because you’re a human too. We humans can learn and change our preferences better than any animal.

But your ancient instincts never go away.

This is excellent news. By learning to love exercise, you’re not ‘fighting’ yourself – you’re tuning into hunter-gatherer instincts that lie dormant and yearn to express themselves.

Your nature is on your side here.

So what though?

How does knowing that help you?

On its own, it doesn’t.

But when you combine that with the drills from Motion Mind, you’ll reawaken that inner urge to move, flex, stretch and strengthen.

It’s already in your unconscious, just waiting to come out.

Find it here:


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