Lucid Sustained Dreaming

In creative circles, LSD has a golden reputation.

Folks say it sparked the hippie movement in the ‘60s.

Even today, high performers in a number of fields experiment with microdoses of it.

It’s supposed to give you greater creativity, openness and insight. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never tried it.

Or maybe I have and I don’t want to admit it…

Either way, illegal street drugs aren’t for anyone. I’m a fan of quality control with most things – especially chemicals that mess with the mind.

That’s why I like to tap into the brain’s own pharmacopeia. Then you can be sure the quality’s high and the dose is just right.

Because you could rely on an external supply of focus, creativity, joy and productivity…

Or you could create that for yourself.

It’s quicker, cheaper, easier, and much less likely to be cut with cleaning fluid.

The highs stay high for longer… and there’s no crashing, no hangover, no side effects.

What’s the catch?

It’s a doozy of one.

You see, using your own chemistry like this takes work. It requires practice, patience and discipline.

So maybe you’d be happier with a chemical shortcut.

But if you’d prefer the real thing…

Here you go, pendo:

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