Magic tricks for bulls

I like cartoon logic.

I like the shows from my childhood – especially the Looney Tunes sort – involving bulls.

One character would fall into red paint or wear red clothes, then have to deal with an angry bull chasing them.

That’s cartoon logic for you. Seeing a red thing can make a bull go from relaxed to homicidal in the span of a breath.

Of course, that’s not how it works in our world. I’m pretty sure bulls are colour-blind. They’re not trying to gore the red cape – if it were, being a matador would be easy.

Moving on from cartoon logic, let’s talk about bull logic:

You want to gore the matador.

They hold a cape in front of their body.

So you charge the cape, run through it… only to find they’re not there.

Hang on, did I say ‘bull logic’? Because that’s what people do too.

I’m sure you’ve had moments like that, where you swore you were chasing one thing, only to find nothing on the other side.

You think having a relationship will make you happy, so you find one… only to find you’re still miserable.

You think a promotion will solve your problems, so you work hard… only to find yourself with new ones.

The temptation is to think you’ll never be happy. “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,” they say.

That’s bull.

(Tee hee.)

Some things will actually make you happier and more fulfilled. Sure, some things won’t – even when you’re sure they will.

That’s fine.

You just need a better way of figuring out what you want.

A way like Crossroads Training.

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