How to make big changes easily

Yesterday, I talked about gratitude and how one of the obstacles to it is change.

Something as simple as a few minutes of thinking, if it’s different, can be difficult.

It’s not the only explanation, of course, but it’s a factor.

That’s an unsatisfying place to leave it. Change is hard? Well, obviously. Even so, we have to do it. Where does that leave us then?

It leaves us in an amazing place.

Take these points into your mind:

Change is hard because it’s change. This means big changes are just as easy to make as small changes. It’s not the scope of the novelty that makes things challenging, but the novelty itself.

Some folk tell you to make small changes. Small changes are practical, easy to integrate into your life and… well, they’re less scary.

By all means, try that.

But if you find those changes don’t stick, maybe you need to go bigger.

Maybe you need a revolution, not evolution.

Maybe you need a change so big it warps the rest of your life, forcing itself to fit.

The best time to lay new habits is after a big disruption. If you move to a new house, join a gym. You’ll notice all the cues for your hold habits aren’t there, so it’s easy to form new ones.

The fact this works shows just how much your unconscious influences things.

You can consciously set an intention to change… only to have your unconscious keep running the same old patterns.

But, hey, maybe it’s not practical to move every time you start a diet or whatever.

I get that.

In which case, it pays to go right for the source. Create massive changes in your unconscious thinking and rewiring your habits becomes easy.

Here’s how to do that:

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