The easy way to make your inner demons work for you

“Follow these habits and you’ll notice something strange. You’ll have moments where challenges seem easy and the familiar seems fresh. New abilities and sensations course through your brain. Me, I’d call this hypnosis. Really it’s just your mind growing more powerful. It’s looking for its new boundaries and it feels amazing.” – Mind Habits

The mind you have today isn’t the mind you’ll have tomorrow. Whether it’s stronger or not is up to you.

There are things you could do to completely change your neural architecture:

You could become a monk and join a monastic order.

You could spend a fortune on therapy.

And there’s always the option of dangerous chemicals.


You can focus on things that quickly and easily enhance your mind. These simple habits engage the mind both consciously and unconsciously. They are easy to learn and don’t cost a thing.

Don’t underestimate them, though – a few minutes each day can enhance everything.

Whether you want to stand out, join in or get along, a sharper mind will get you there.

All you need is to learn and apply these habits, right now.

And how do you do that, pendo?

Monster Mind Edukaré has a lot of content in it.

Some of which can take months to master.

Others are relatively simple habits – a bit of practice for a few days will get you there.

That’s a feature, by the way – the rise and fall of the tempo can drag you along.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you – this is powerful stuff.

Want to know the first thing you should focus your mind on?

This page outlining how so many folk like you have done what you can only imagine so far.

Here’s the link:

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