Don’t just quit smoking – make it so you never smoked

When helping you to quit smoking, we hypnotists have all kinds of tools.

One is to install an aversion. It’s pretty simple to make smoking revolting to you. If you’re worried about your willpower or slipping up, this can work nicely.

This is surface level stuff. It doesn’t resolve the issues that made it hard to quit in the first place. But, hey, if all you want to do is stop smoking, then this is all you need.

A more… dare I say ‘holistic’ approach is to make you a better person overall. More willpower, less vulnerable to stress and less likely to succumb to the pressures of life. If you’ve ever quit before but fell back into it, I’m sure you see the benefit on this.

There’s another tool too.

One that’s fun to play around with.

For many smokers looking to quit, they wish they never started in the first place. It’s easier to remain a non-smoker than it is to quit.

But of course, that’s impossible. You can’t change the past…


Well, you can’t change what your body’s been through… even though you can reverse the damage, right from the first day you go without smoking.

Your mind, though, is a little more interesting.

Normally, you’d never be able to leave the smoking behind. Not entirely. You’d have too many old habits, associations and experiences to forget. Even if you never smoke again, it’s like you always used to.

Unless you use hypnosis, that is.

It doesn’t erase the memories of smoking – not the way I do it, at least.

But it does erase everything that built up in your mind about it.

You’ll remember puffing down… but you’ll remember it as facts, as if it happened to someone else.

Once you do that, quitting is easy.

And, for most folk, relapsing only happens if you want to.

It’s a powerful way to break a habit many folk can’t leave behind.

If you’re curious about experiencing that, follow this link:

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