Make love, not data

Make love, not data

I don’t trust out of context market research. As someone who does market research, I know it can be a valuable exercise highlighting where your customers are and how to reach them. Or it can be writing down lies people say about what they want.

There’s the famous Ford quote about how if listened to what his customers said, he would’ve built a faster horse.

And ask any sociologist or statistician if they trust random surveys.

So I distrust the claim that people would give up physical intimacy in exchange for a smartphone with all the right features… even if someone has market research to back that up.

Sure, there are a lot of smartphone addicts out there. But would they seriously give up making love for a longer battery life?

Well… I guess maybe some of them would.

Whether you would go that far or not, you should ask how far you’re already gone.

Are multiple privacy eroding corporations tracking your every move and listening to your every word?

Are you unable to write a book, have a conversation or enjoy a sunset without being interrupted by notifications?

Do you check your phone 40 times a day? 60? More? What are you missing out on when you arc your neck down towards your palm?

One of these days, I’ll put together a program for dealing with smartphone addiction. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for taking control over your own mind.

From there, you can choose how to play it:

You could boost your ability to focus and ignore distractions.

You could create a state where, when you’re doing something important, you can’t see or hear your smartphone. Whatever bleeps or bloops it’s making, you can hallucinate it out of your mind.

You could learn better ways to distract yourself from whatever you don’t want to deal with.

And dozens of other strategies, too.

Sure, that comes with a price. You won’t be immediately immersed in ridiculous drama every time anything happens…

But you’ll just have to live with that, I guess.

If you think breaking a habit like smartphones is hard, even impossible, then you don’t know the power of self-hypnosis. Trust me – this is an intermediate challenge, if that. With all your time and energy back, you could then use self-hypnosis for something more interesting.

Or you could simply go back to kissing beautiful people.

It’s your call, Casanova:

Photo by Omar Prestwich on Unsplash

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