The #1 tip for managing your emotions

If you want to know how to manage your emotions – from fear to anger to grief to doubt – then listen well.

The answer is simple.

So simple you’ve already heard it.

Why am I telling you about it if you already know it?

Because you probably don’t do it.

Simple isn’t always easy. It’s easy to forget something that comes across as ‘too simple’. And if it’s ‘too simple’, it’s not very persuasive. Folks like the new, flashy, expensive, complex and mysterious solutions.

After all, you’ve heard that you can regulate your emotions by breathing.

Unless you’re a physical performer – such as a dancer, martial artist or fighter pilot – you probably don’t use that trick often.

It’s the sort of thing you forget in the moment, right when you need it the most.

The Neural Reset can help with that. By entraining a deep state of relaxation, you’re more likely to remember it and feel it when you need it.

You might wonder if the Neural Reset creates its deep states of relaxation, focus and creativity through breathing exercises. They’re part of it. Maybe you wonder if it also uses meditation techniques. It does.

It goes so much further than them, though.

With hypnosis, you can experience new, powerful states of consciousness… even if you’re already an expert in self-hypnosis. Doing it yourself is never the same as letting someone guide you through it.

It works even if you ‘can’t meditate’ or ‘can’t be hypnotised’.

Learning to manage your emotions is non-optional. If you didn’t know that before 2020, I hope you realise it now.

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P.S. The price of the Neural Resets will rise soon. Be sure to book one in before they do.

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