The manic elderly boxing Congressional candidate

I was reading a medical case study a few weeks ago. It’s a funny story, if you forget that folk suffered and it could have been worse.

This bizarre tale begins with a woman going to see a doctor. She’s concerned about her husband. He’s a man in his 80s with no history of mental illness.

Before the last few weeks, that is.

He suddenly has more energy… but not the good sort where you get stuff done. The manic sort, where you can’t sit still, can’t focus and probably do everything except what you should.

This guy was barely sleeping. His heart raced all the time. He couldn’t have a straight conversation with his wife – he’d make weird detours into wanting to sell their house. Walking the neighbourhood, he’d tell all his neighbours he was running for Congress.

Oh, and he was convinced he was the state boxing champ.

Not former champion – the current one.

(I mentioned he’s in his 80s, right?)

Anyway, it doesn’t take the doctor long to figure this one out. It’s a side effect to his new medication.

What’s the medication for?

His restless leg syndrome.

Now, I’m not about to rag on Western medicine. What doctors can do today is borderline miraculous. Medicine plus science equals a powerful force for good.

Having said that…

This guy’s first doctor’s instinct was to medicate. Sure, restless leg syndrome is serious. If nothing else, the impact is has on sleep is not great.

But you know what else interferes with sleep?


The side effects of this drug included the original problem, plus a whole lot more. It could have wrecked his life and relationships. It could have damaged his heart.

Things could have gone terribly wrong.

Now, I’m not a doctor and I make no medical claims.

But one approach with some of the challenges in your life is to strengthen your body-mind connection.

I’ve used mind training to combat purely physical phenomena, like muscle cramps.

And the only side effects have been amazing.

I won’t say more on that. All I’ll do now is share a link to my non-medically endorsed, drug-free approach to sharpening your mind and achieving better emotional balance.

You can read all about how it works with this link here:

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