Do folk you manipulate feel better afterwards?

Some folk don’t like to manipulate others. They see it as selfish or controlling or something.

To them I can only shrug my shoulders and say “tough”.

You manipulate folk with every breath you take.

And long after your last breath, too. Everyone has a legacy of some kind.

Besides, what if I said, “you know what – you’re right. Manipulation is terrible”. Haven’t you just manipulated me?

Oh well.

Sure, sure. Some folk distinguish between influence (where you’re trying to change someone for their own good) and manipulation (which is selfish).

I’m not going to argue. Your intention is vitally important.

But more important than that is your outcome.

After you manipulate someone, do they feel good about it or do they feel used?

If you’re building people up and you’re a force for good in the world, you’re allowed to get something out of it.

In fact, I insist. How else are you going to help even more folk?

Anyway, we could talk about the fine art of influence all day.

This is where I could say “but talk is cheap – it’s time for action!”

But… it’s persuasion. Talk is action.

So instead I’ll say this:

Tomorrow I’m launching something exciting. It’s a set of guidelines for having amazing conversations. Follow these and folk will love talking to you (and you’ll love talking to them). It’s powerful stuff.

It makes small talk a breeze and gives you the tools for life-changing interactions (even with strangers who serve you coffee).

It’s also foundational training for influence and persuasion. Know how to do this and people will listen (and follow you) like never before.

This program is a tight, sleek, practical thing of beauty.

Anyone can pick it up and use it.

Early feedback has been sensational and I’m excited to release this into the wild.

But that’s tomorrow. In the meantime, stay tuned.

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