Learning martial arts at the bank

Learning martial arts at the bank

It’s funny – for some of us, we laugh at obstacles. Challenges are opportunities to prove ourselves. We’re not afraid of working harder, longer and smarter, if that’s what it takes to get results.

Throw a wall in our way and we smash through it.

But jam a stick in our axle and it throws us off.

Waiting – it can be the most frustrating thing when you know you could be working on something amazing. I know it annoys me when I could be writing this, studying or creating some valuable new product, only to have to stand around for something to happen…

When you’re used to solving problems through action, sitting on your hands is like torture.

I get it.

Which is why I spent so long working on a solution for this. I’ll admit I’m not perfect – I still get irritated at needless delays sometimes. Wasting time in a long queue or while someone deals with their lack of planning can get under my skin.

But I’m much better at handling this than I used to be.

Much, much better.

I just treated the frustration as a problem to solve, learned everything I could about the mind, and put together something amazing.

Because wasted time is only truly wasted when you get frustrated. That’s the irony and you know it well, but still.

And here’s the truth:

You can use downtime to get work done.

No, I don’t mean whipping out your phone and answering a few emails.

I mean real work. The stuff that gets results. The stuff that lays the foundation for a lifetime of growth and new opportunities.

Because instead of responding to emails, wouldn’t you rather practice a foreign language? Or public speaking? Or perhaps your favourite martial art?

I’ve heard people using techniques like these for all of those… and a lot more.

And I’ve used them to practice everything from my writing to push ups to advanced influence techniques.

People have used my stuff to give themselves therapy. And the sorts of boosts that “should” only come from performance-enhancing drugs.

How do you do self-therapy or train martial arts while, say, queueing at the bank?

Without getting arrested, that is?

That’s easy. In fact, it’s obvious once you read Unlock the Vault. What’s Unlock the Vault? This is normally where I’d link to that page, but let me do you a favour.

For the next few days, you can learn all of this (and much, much more) at a respectable discount. It’s not quite half-price, but it’s close.

All you need is the code at the top of this page. Click the image, enter the code and it’s yours at a great price.

Step one is to go here:


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