Master any field in 4 simple steps

I’m not mucking around here.

If you want to learn the basics of any craft, you can find tutorials on YouTube.

If you want all the satisfaction, glory and success that mastery brings, though?

That’s harder to find. Books, courses, even a mentor can only get you so far.

The best course on how to paint won’t make you a master. It takes something else – something ineffable, that no simple book can convey.

Either that or it’s a simple four step process.

How could that be, though? If it were that simple, wouldn’t everyone do it?

Nah, because the usual filters apply.

It takes time and effort to master something. Less if you follow these steps, but it’s never a trivial amount. Most folks give up well before then.

There are no shortcuts on this path, but that doesn’t mean I can’t illuminate it for you.

Who illuminated it for me?

A thorough look at the history of science.

Most advancements come in increments. In almost every great scientific revolution, some inspired genius followed these four steps and changed our understanding forever.

When I realised how many expert martial artists followed the same process, I knew I’d found a process that works for anything.

And, sure enough, it’s how I mastered (and continue to master) hypnosis.

If there’s something you’d love to learn but don’t know where to begin, start with The Triple Crossroads. Your future self, with deep skills and knowledge in what you learn, will thank you for it now.

Here’s the link:

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