If you could master anything in 6 months…

If you could master anything in 6 months…

… what would you do?

There’s that saying – learn like you’ll live forever, live as though you’ll die tomorrow. Well, I can’t offer immortality. But I can offer the ability to learn anything quicker and easier than ever.

And what would that do for you? I’m making up a number when I say six months. Maybe it’s more, maybe it’s less. Let’s say, though, you could master two new skills each year.

(That’s conservative, by the way.)

How does your five-year plan look?

How might it change if you could master ten fields in that time?

It won’t be easy, of course.

That’ll take discipline, focus and dedication – the sort that comes from having a clear vision and a burning need to change something.

But even if you have those, how can you master ten things so quickly?

Think about it this way:

Consider something you are naturally skilled and passionate about. It was easy to learn and become great at this. If you studied and practiced the right way, mastering it in six months doesn’t seem too crazy.

Now, what if you could learn everything that way?

What if you could grab hold of the way you learn naturally and focus it on anything you want?

If everything came easier to you, what couldn’t you master?

Now, I’m not promising miracles.

But it might seem that way when suddenly the penny drops. Your mind draws connections between things and it all makes sense.

Without having to bully your brain into concentrating or memorising anything.

It’s easier than it sounds to shift your brain into an ideal learning state.

All you need to do is focus and listen.

On the material, yes – but before you do that, focus and listen to this:


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