You could master self-hypnosis by New Year

You could master self-hypnosis by New Year

Here’s a testimonial I submit for your viewing pleasure:


Hi William,

All the things I thought I couldn’t do.

30 days. That’s all it took. Learning self-hypnosis (with Unlock the Vault as my guide) has shown me exactly what I can do.

I can enter a trance at will. I can do it pretty fast too.

I can enter trance with my eyes open or closed.

I can do this in public or private places, with company or without (I especially like the floating arm experiment).

I can achieve multiple states and move between them.

I can focus clear my mind with ease.

I can have fun.

I can learn a lot from my own mind.

I can interact with my inner landscape and shape my own journey.

I can enjoy my own company and build a healthier internal dialogue.

I can boost my creativity and emotional state.

I can choose to take control and set goals for my inner journey… or I can just dive in and go with the flow.

I can feel the results, and now I have started on this journey I won’t ever be the same again. But that’s ok, because I was ready to embrace my best self and I’m closer to that with each practice. Hypnosis has become a part of my daily existence and I love exploring it.

William, you’ve helped me identify what is not only possible, but how to achieve my goals faster and smarter with more effective mind training. So, thanks for an incredible product!

Unlock the vault continues to bring me so many great experiences. Applying the techniques has taught me so much about self-hypnosis… and about myself. All in a month! Glad to be proven wrong on what I previously felt was difficult or impossible and very excited to find out where self-hypnosis will take me next.

– Rebecca Lennon


Wild stuff, huh?

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