Maybe beyond words, but not beyond your abilities

Have you ever tried explaining meditation to someone who’s never done it?

You can say what it’s like. It’s like reading a good book, like losing yourself in its pages, only your losing yourself in your present awareness now.

It captures the gist, I suppose.

But it doesn’t fully explain what meditation is like.

It’s not easy to capture the experience of how your thinking churns and boils at the edges, how every moment becomes so big and still, how your awareness gazes through itself even as it gazes at it…

… because so many of you are reading that and shaking your heads.

Again, it’s like meditation but that’s not really how it is.

The best descriptions of meditation are closer to trippy gibberish than a roadmap.

It’s easier to experience it than to learn about it vicariously – even if it’s hard for you.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

If a meditator asked me about hypnosis, I’d say it’s a lot like meditation.

And that’s true.

But it’s not.

It’s like it in the sense that it’s closer than most experiences, but it’s something new.

Something that must be experienced first, then understood – maybe.

Or maybe not understood even then.

If you’re a keen meditator and get a lot out of it, great.

And if you’re craving something more – something extra on top of that…

… start with the Neural Reset. Let me know that you’re a meditator and I’ll take you further, deeper and into exciting new regions of the mind.

Seriously, you’re gonna love this:

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