Medieval Tibetan Buddhism says to hipsters, “just stop already”

Lojong is some seriously old-school mind training.

It’s survived this long for a reason – it’s good.

How good?

12th Century Tibetan Buddhism good.

There are many aphorisms in its teachings – each short, yet holding a lot of wisdom.

One that I’m thinking of right now:

“Don’t misuse the remedy”.

A basic example – think of someone who travels all the time, who posts #TravelIsLife and #TakeMeBack everywhere. They’ve seen all the airports and Westernised tourist traps on the planet.

Does travel broaden the mind?

Sure – it’s the remedy for a closed mind.

But some folks misuse it, using travel as a form of self-indulgence – a distraction from their real issues.

That’s a trivial example though… unless you’re one of their friends, that is. Especially if you’re the sort who broadens your mind through study instead of tourism.

Here’s a more serious example:

You can use hypnosis to become neurotic, emotionally unstable, toxic and cut off from your own unconscious. I know, because I’ve seen it.

Heck, there are entire schools of NLP built around this practice.

Lojong says it best when it says, don’t do this.

Monster Mind Edukaré – my deliciously thorough and detailed mind training program – has many ‘remedies’, as lojong uses the term. (Not as how Western medicine uses it.)

You can misuse these remedies, as in it’s physically possible to.

But you can’t misuse them, because you’re not allowed to.

At each of the 19 modules, there’s a chance to quit, use it for harm or have it warp you for the worse.

I warn you against these dangers – sometimes subtly, sometimes in strong language.

And I build in safety protocols into the lessons, to help keep you on the path.

All you need to do?

Treat the lessons with respect and they’ll respect you right back.

If you’re ready for some mental reconfiguring like you’ve rarely experienced before, hold onto your hat. Then let go of it and head on over to this link:

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