Why meditation is the best thing after a long night’s sleep

Why meditation is the best thing after a long night’s sleep

There are a few similarities between mind training and sleep. Both involve closing your eyes and focusing inwards. Both involve keeping your body calm and still.

You often become unresponsive during meditation and hypnosis – sometimes to the point of falling unconscious.

That’s why the classic hypnotic command is “sleep!”

But it’s not really sleeping. The similarities are superficial.

In fact, meditation is closer to the opposite of sleep.

When you sleep, you dream. And dreaming is a churning style of thinking, flitting from one concept to another. I’m not saying it’s all random, the meaningless stirring of unconscious material, but it’s broad and unfocused.

When you meditate, your mind is sharply focused. You use your conscious attention like a scalpel or a laser. You fixate on your breathing, your body, your thoughts or on nothingness.

That’s why early morning meditation is so amazing. It brings your thinking from the formless chaos of sleep to the structured discipline of meditation.

After a long night of sleep, the best thing for you is to clear your mind.

Because it’s not as restful as it seems. It’s an intense process where you heal the body, integrate memories and learn. That’s how you can go to bed alert an d wake up tired.

Meditation gives your mind a chance to truly rest.

In this way, trance and dreaming are opposites. But they’re strange opposites. Like how love can turn into hate so easily, meditation can turn into sleep.

If you find yourself nodding off during your sessions, you’re not alone.

The answer?

Broaden your meditation practice.

Because the more techniques, principles and tips you know, the more effectively you can use meditation and overcome all your obstacles.

And you can find it all – in simple, plain and practical language – in this guide right here.

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